About Us

Since establishing The Sunshine Charity in 2004, the organization has widened its scope of work over the last ten years of operation. Inspired by the children, staff and community, the Charity not only takes care of food and clothing for the children but affords them with educational tools, creative workshops, and reading material. Challenged in the area of health and nutrition the organization conducts health and wellbeing clinics annually, providing the children with pharmaceutical drugs and worming treatment.

Additionally, the Charity has empowered members of staff through teacher training programmes, which have encouraged the teachers to be engaging, committed and understanding of the children's needs. The Sunshine Charity has also conducted numerous workshops for the mothers of the children on oral hygiene, nutritional needs and medical programmes with follow-up advice.

We are thankful to our local partner, international and local donors, well-wishers, friends, and media sponsors, without whose support it would not have been possible to celebrate ten years of operation.